Lara has worked tirelessly for the Leland/ Belville Small Business community. Her belief in our community and desire to make sure that Leland/ Belville has it's placed on the map knows NO limitations. I moved to Leland in June 2017 and begun a brand new career as a life coach in 2018. In addition to being in a new area and new career, I am in a business that is new to this area. As a sole proprietor without a brick and mortar store or merchandise to market, it is even harder to sell my business. Networking is crucial and Lara has given me the ability to do this. Her events are my #1 networking venue. In addition to my life coaching, I have a Photography business, selling landscape pictures of our area. Although this business does have merchandise people can hold and look at, there are a lot of photographers in our area and competition is rough. Networking and events to “show your wares” is important. Lara's event at Blossoms resulted in two sales for my Photography business although there were other photographers at the event. Another networking event resulted in a coaching client at my first Vision Board Workshop. Lara is very valuable to our area and her success helps small business owners to be successful.

Audrey Berkowitz

True Strategies for Life & Audrey Kriss Photography
Leland, NC